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Revelry is a modern spin on ornamentation and decoration. Representing a fictitious brand of vodka, Revelry is designed to inspire a sense of fun and merrymaking.

It's Personal

Take a peak into projects I’ve created over the years for friends, exhibits, and myself.

The Joe Matt Book is a hand bound book answering some of Paul Thek's "Teaching Notes." To adequately portray Joe Matt's answers to some of life's deepest and silliest questions, I used experimental typography and photography. This book was hand crafted using a coptic stitch binding method.

Your Happiness is an exhibition piece created for the DeVos Art Gallery in Marquette, Michigan. The media for this piece was woodworking and print formatting. As a graduating senior, I wanted this exhibition to be a personal exploration of happiness, which I feel gets overlooked in our increasingly routine, chaotic lives. When we experience happiness, the chemicals released by our brain help us to live up to our full potential as humans. In order to allow viewers to truly indulge, I invited them to sit down and get cozy while interacting with the various prints.

The musicians of Trailer 31 bring old school jam inspiration to modern American folk music. Being one of my local favorites, I was thrilled to help the band design their second album, Walk A Mile. Original album photo was taken by Joel Chadd.

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