hey charlie creative is a one-woman graphic design & creative studio. plus, charlie.

I'm Lana Bannow, the founder and designer behind Hey Charlie Creative. I spent the first three years of my career in Michigan's Upper Peninsula as a graphic designer for a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution. After Michigan, I packed up my things and moved across the country to work as an in-house designer for an innovative natural foods distributor. While working in-house, I made connections far and wide, from the Bend community, to the East Coast, Michigan, and beyond. These connections led me to start Hey Charlie Creative, which offered the opportunity to work with a broader range of industries and expand my creative freedom.

In my creative practice, I focus on carefully mastered design that balances functionality, purpose, and personality. I specialize in branding, print layout, package design, and website creative. I truly, truly love collaborating with small businesses and bringing life to their creative ideas.

Eight years later and I still reside in Oregon. When I don't have my Hey Charlie Creative hat on, I'm usually drinking coffee to the point of jitters, fueling my donut addiction, thinking about how cool Charlie is, or spending time outside with sweet, sweet Mama Nature. I like to believe it is a healthy balance of creativity, energy, passion, and Charlie snuggles (or scratches) that allow me to pack 38 hours into each day. Oh, and coffee, clearly.

Ok, but....who is Charlie? He's my friend, office manager, and cat. He's always up for a good game of cat + mouse with your toes (sorry ahead of time), napping for at least  13 hours, and protecting the house from mice and food scraps.

We're probably listening to Janis Joplin or Aretha Franklin too loud, but we always turn it down for you. I'm excited to connect!

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