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hey charlie creative is a one-woman graphic design & creative studio. plus, charlie.

Hey, I’m Lana! The founder and designer behind Hey Charlie Creative. I’ve worked with brands big and small, ranging from plant-based foods to electric vehicles, music festivals to cookie companies, design conferences to global travel programs, nonprofits to bird conservancies. Collaborating across industries allows me to offer fresh perspectives and provides new challenges. 


With over a decade of experience, I specialize in editorial layout, package design, branding and promotional graphics. I focus on meticulous design that balances intention, functionality, and personality. 


I live in an Oregon mountain town, but my roots are in the Midwest. I’m geeked when I’ve got a good cup of coffee or a new donut shop to try. I find inspiration in good people and nature. Oh, and who is Charlie? That squirrelly fella is my friend, office manager, and cat. He's always down for a brainstorming session or a nice nap.


Let’s bring your idea to life!

project pricing

Before we get started, are you curious to know prices? There are quite a few variables that make it hard to give an exact estimate, such as scope, research and project management. I charge hourly, with a $2,000 minimum for logo design and $3,500 minimum for full brand identity. That said, one of the benefits to being a freelancer is flexibility. I’m able to offer a wider variety of design services within each project, payment schedules, and efficient communication. You’ll chat with me, every time. Let’s discuss what’s on your mind! 

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