HEY CHARLIE CREATIVE is a one-woman graphic design studio in Bend, Oregon. Founder Lana Bannow’s focus is on carefully mastered design with a balance of functionality, purpose, and personality. The studio brings life to small businesses and brands by clarifying their purpose and providing a fresh direction. But quality design doesn’t stand alone. Partnership is required, and meaningful relationships are a common outcome.

LANA BANNOW, founder and designer, spent the first three years of her career in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as a graphic design intern for a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution, a firm that provides financing and practical business training to business owners that don’t qualify for traditional bank loans. After Michigan, Lana moved across the country to Oregon to work as an in-house designer for a burgeoning and innovative natural foods distributor. The relationships she built during her first two years of living and working in Oregon enabled her to take the leap into starting her own business. She’s now able to work with a broader range of industries and has total freedom over projects and clients.

When she’s not designing with her main sidekick, Charlie the cat, she’s outside enjoying all Central Oregon has to offer. Whether she is exploring new trails, mountain biking, skiing, paddling, or climbing, Lana is always blending outdoor recreation into her day-to-day life. It’s a mix of creativity, energy, and passion that allows Lana to pack 38 hours worth of work and play into each day. Oh, and coffee. Ready to see what we can create together?

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