Years ago, it was a hunt for the perfect bottle of wine that unknowingly sparked my interest in design. While standing in the store with my mother, I watched her scrutinize bottle upon bottle, and realized she was making her choice based on the bottle's label. That's when I realized I could make a difference in a product - I could make a difference in a brand - I could make a difference in a small business by helping them get noticed. This was what first sparked my passion for design.

I’m Lana Bannow, a graphic designer drawn to all things visual and type-related. My approach to design is carefully mastered with a balance of functionality and purpose… and, of course, the occasional rule breaking. I love the challenge of a new project, which has led me to establish my small design studio, Hey Charlie Creative, which allows my work to span industries. Born and raised in the Midwest, my love for the outdoors and design led me to Bend, Oregon - a place where outdoor recreation blends with day-to-day life. When I’m not designing or watching Ted Talks, I like to be outside exploring a new trail, drinking a good beer, enjoying time with inspiring humans, and hanging out with my animals - Joni the Husky and Charlie. Yes - Charlie, that handsome fella below, is my cat. He sits with me while I drink too much coffee, listen to loud music, and create beautiful things.

Now, here I am years later, finally able to drink those bottles of wine AND make them beautiful. What can we create together?

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